#79 – Everybody Wants to Rule The World

Hey everyone!  Sorry for the delay between shows.  Hopefully the AWESOME music I’ve included in today’s podcast will more than make up for it.  Enjoy!

Listen to Stitcher

  1. STEEP – New Horizons
  2. Sunken Monkey – This Town’s Too Big (For the Both of Us)
  3. Toussaint Morrison & Dr. Wylie – A 2nd Devil
  4. Traveling in Stereo – BarMade
  5. Miracles of Modern Science – Dear Pressure
  6. Lorenzo’s Music – Low
  7. Lum – In Luv
  8. Gill Bondy – 12 Days
  9. frontRegen – arms
  10. Kellee Maize – In The Night (Game of Thrones Remix)
  11. The Impossebulls – The More Things Change
  12. STEEP – Shiver
  13. Golden Apes – The Archers
  14. Bear Mountain – Everybody Wants to Rule the World

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