The Ottawa Senators Are In The Playoffs – A Playlist

I haven’t made very many “traditional” blog posts in a long time (in fact, here’s the last one!), but it is something I’d like to return to.  (By “traditional”, I mean posts that aren’t just show notes for a podcast episode.)  So if you were expecting a new episode when you clicked a link to, I apologize – I haven’t recorded anything (yet).  Further apologies if you were not expecting to read about SportsPuck on a music blog.

On Saturday April 11, 2015, the Ottawa Senators clinched a playoff berth in the NHL; for those who don’t follow hockey, this is an extremely big deal for a couple of reasons: 1) The Senators were 14 points OUT of a playoff spot in February, and clinched a spot in the last game of the season.  2) This is the first team in modern NHL history to do this.

So obviously, I am quite pumped.  At one point on Saturday, I was thinking that I was feeling really good – as if I had had a few drinks and was feeling a buzz.  I actually had NOT had anything to drink during the game, because it was a 12:30pm Eastern start.   But I was just really excited and happy – I was expecting the team to be out of the playoffs at the start of the season, so this was a pleasant surprise.

Given that it is now officially Spring (it’s not Spring until you’ve got your team in the playoffs and can drive with the windows down), I present to you an accompanying playlist for your listening pleasure.  I set out looking for some hard rock songs, but there are others in there that simply fit the profile of “this would be cool to listen to while driving around town”.  Others I picked because of lyrical content that fit the context of the situation.

All tracks are available from Jamendo.  Enjoy!

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