Weekly Airwave #42 // Jasmine Jordan – Possibilities

We return to Jamendo this week with a funk-laced hip hop track from Jasmine Jordan, “Possibilities“.  The track is from an album called the Time Travel EP, which was released about a month ago now.  The album itself is currently featured on the Jamendo main page, which is great exposure for any artist!

Jordan records out of Los Angeles, which should come as no surprise for an aspiring pop singer.  You can catch up with her at her website, www.jasminejordanmusic.com.

I actually had no idea what kind of music I was in for when I clicked on the album link, because I only clicked on it for the name – “Time Travel EP”.  I had the suspicion that it was going to be a hip hop track, but I didn’t really know for sure.  Anyway, while you’re listening to Possibilities, do yourself a favour and listen to the rest of the EP.  There may or may not be a Back to the Future reference in it.

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