Weekly Airwave # 43 // Emerald Park – Graduation Failed

Emerald Park are an indie-pop outfit from Malmo, Sweden. We try to deliver bright and catchy indiepop songs and free of artifice.

That’s as official a description as I could find over at Emerald Park‘s Bandcamp page.  I recently played a track from their latest album, GO!GO!GO!, on Podcast # 87.  I really liked the track, and the whole album, so I thought it best to include Emerald Park in the Weekly Airwave series.
I selected the song “Graduation Failed“.  I thought it was a great, catchy pop tune that also sounds unique.  It definitely fits on the list of Creative Commons tracks I would regularly listen to.  I think this time around, Emerald Park did a great job in producing something that sounds at the same time familiar and reminiscent of their older work, but something new as well.
I thought of selecting the title track, but feel that it’s already getting enough exposure (at over 2,600+ listens at the time of writing).

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