#97 – Best of July & August Jamendo

Happy September!  The August podcast is notoriously missing, so instead of 10 episodes – you get 13!  Some great tracks (and a really powerful monster of a song at the end) this episode, so download, share, and enjoy!

Friday Playlist tag

  1. DJ Dzverbass – Little Sexy Dress and Funky Sounds
  2. Eddie – You and Me
  3. Hot Fiction – Start it Off
  4. Great White Buffalo – I’m Growing Fangs
  5. Golden Duck Orchestra – On Sale
  6. Amy McFollow – Bang You Out
  7. Jaief & Asong (ft. Rebekka Salomea) – Get Away
  8. Futurelight – Back To You
  9. Tamara Laurel – Come On, Come On
  10. Heartskin – Drive
  11. Waterpistol – Who But You For My Broken Heart?
  12. Azwel – The Writing On The Wall
  13. The Bourgeois – Designer Genes

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