#101 – Sharon Jones Tribute + Leonard Cohen Covers

Welcome to another episode of Alternative Airwaves!  In today’s show, a sort-of tribute to Sharon Jones (who passed away November 18th 2016), and a couple of cover songs of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah (he passed away November 7th 2016).  Also – I got the name of a song wrong during the show.  The track by Reole ft. Sophie Mendoza is actually titled “It’s A New Day”.

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  1. Toussaint Morrison – A 2nd Devil
  2. Devon Elizabeth – All I Ever Wanted
  3. Nikki J. Crawford – Played
  4. Nicolas Falcon – Big Big Boss
  5. Jasmine Jordan (ft. Blanchard De Wave) – Time Travel
  6. Reole (ft. Sophie Mendoza) – It’s A New Day
  7. Tickle – My Wee Tribe
  8. The Nuri – Hunger For Life
  9. Moon & Sun – Salt & Indigo
  10. Count To Four – Lavender Town
  11. Dorine Levy – Alice
  12. Dan Bryk – Discount Store
  13. Yavor (ft. Mey) – Illuminate
  14. Danielle Helena – From Here
  15. David Krystal – One More Dance
  16. The Broken – Hallelujah
  17. Ezra Kachi – Hallelujah

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