#109 – New Tracks + Gord Downie

Brand new episode!  Featuring many Canadians, a few new tracks, and I forgot what episode I was recording.  It’s definitely 109.  The songs picked in today’s show were picked somewhat with Tragically Hip music in mind, in honour of Gord Downie’s passing Wednesday October 18th.

Track list:
1. Plastic Light Factory – Robyn
2. The Ladies Of – Deep Possession
3. Not From Georgia – Highway 84
4. Plants – Luminance
5. Madelyniris – Never Look Back
6. Arrow & Olive – Whiskey Woman
7. Mercury and the Architects – The Wolf
8. Stunts – Tragically Hip Hop 
9. Ralph Castelli – Good Morning
10. Lower Loveday – I’d Do Anything You Wanted
11. Rogerthat – Lucky Day
12. Alex Cohen – Good Old Times
13. The Happy Somethings – Happy On My Own

Interested in a good representation of the Tragically Hip’s music?  Consider getting a copy of Yer Favourites, a best-of as voted by fans of the band.

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