61st Grammy Awards Ceremony – Best New Artist

I don’t normally think about the Grammy awards, but an email flipped my way earlier this week caught my eye.  It was about the Best New Artist category – something I feel is relevant to the blog / podcast, even though we’re talking about major record labels. 

Here’s the list of nominees for the category (courtesy of www.grammy.com):

  1. Chloe X Halle
  2. Luke Combs
  3. Greta Van Fleet
  4. H.E.R.
  5. Dua Lipa
  6. Margo Price
  7. Bebe Rexha
  8. Jorja Smith
Some of these artists I’m familiar with, but others I hadn’t, so I listened to all of the singles provided on the Grammy’s nomination page.  If I had a vote, I would go with Margo Price.  But it’s not up to me and I don’t think I have the best pulse on public opinion.  
That job falls on research and marketing companies – such as SEMrush, an online marketing company.  They studied Canadian google searches to figure out the most popular new artists in Canada – here’s what they came up with.
Graph courtesy SEMrush  – Full-size: https://imgur.com/a/BAQBu1n
It turns out the most popular artist – in Canada – was Dua Lipa, followed by Greta Van Fleet.  You can see the search numbers in the handy graph.  Interesting to note the huge drop-off from third place – you can assume that pop & rock music are really popular among Canadians, and while country is pretty hot, it drops off pretty significantly.  
If I had to guess at the actual winner – I think it probably will be Dua Lipa.  I like Greta Van Fleet, but I think her genre is not the hottest nor is it too original (The Sheepdogs previously filled this space in the genre, but then again – they didn’t break through to the Grammy’s).

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