Weekly Airwave – Wild by Rabbits

Sorry this post is a bit late for anyone hoping to check out the show notes here!  I forgot to schedule the post 🙂


Hi and welcome to Alternative Airwaves – I’m your host Steve, bringing you the best in Creative Commons music.  This is the Weekly Airwave: one track with some information about the song or the artist. 

This week’s track: Wild by The Rabbits.  Wild is a quiet folk track from “Tall Pines and Tangled Vines”, a 2018 debut LP by The Rabbits.  The Rabbits hail from the UK, but are listed as Canadian on Jamendo – probably because they recorded their record at Orchid Studios in Vancouver, B-C – and they are also touring around Canada.  Apparently they’re doing this from a van they’ve been living in for almost a year.  That’s dedication to their music!  Follow them on Jamendo or at the rabbits dot com.

Be sure to check out alternative airwaves dot com for more podcasts and music reviews.  See you next time.

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