Weekly Airwaves – You Could’ve Been My Queen – Lower Loveday


Hi and welcome to Alternative Airwaves – I’m your host Steve, bringing you the best in Creative Commons music.  This is the Weekly Airwave: one track with some information about the song or the artist.   
This week’s track: You Could’ve Been My Queen by Lower Loveday.  This great indie track brought me back to the early 2000’s indie scene with great British bands like Arctic Monkeys, or The Fratellis.  Lower Loveday is indeed a British group, and got their start in a school talent show.  They’ve been all around the UK and the world, and are making some great music.  Aside from this week’s track I also recommend Is It Right, currently one of their more popular tracks on Jamendo.  You can find them online at http://www.lowerloveday.com
Be sure to check out alternative airwaves dot com for more podcasts and music reviews.  See you next time. 

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