#114 – Back At It

Welcome back to another full edition of Alternative Airwaves! This episode is more songs than talking, but I got struck by inspiration late last week and slapped something together. I was missing some pieces of my usual setup, so it’s a bit bare-bones – but it’s still got great music!

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  1. Loyalty Freak Music – Ghost Surf Rock)
  2. West Coast Weekend – Heart Attack
  3. Starmob – Stars and Snakes
  4. Axl & Arth – Triumphant
  5. Seth Power – Get Up
  6. Lewis – Coffee at Midnight(Acoustic)
  7. All My Friends Hate Me – Stay Up
  8. Samie Bower – That’s What They All Say
  9. Toko Joyce – What Do I Know About Star?
  10. Omonoko – Tired Eyes
  11. Romancoke – Heed the Day
  12. Spell – Black Siren
  13. Banana Cream – Whenever is the Right Time

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