Alternative Airwaves # 115 – Keep Going

Two months later, I’m back with a podcast full of heavy guitar riffs with some lighter stuff mixed in for good measure.

I had a fun time putting this episode together and I hope you enjoy it. Here’s the track listing (with links to the tracks or artists).

  1. Dr. Groove Gang – Remember
  2. Carter Vail – Tigers on Trains
  3. Kinematic – Don’t Go Out Tonight
  4. Garmisch – Truth Is
  5. Lilly Wolf – Love
  6. BIT – Hello World
  7. The Spin Wires – Secret Beers
  8. Maenoba – Incipiente
  9. Living Camboya – Home
  10. Daily Khaos delivery – Goliath
  11. The Devil Music Co. – Head Over Heels
  12. Lofiuser – Radiant Jaguar
  13. Speed Limit 35 – Atlanitca
  14. The Inventors – Perfect

Most of the music from this episode came from either or – with some Free Music Archive sprinkled in too.

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