#117 – Music for Better Days

2020 was a tough year and the first 6 months of 2021 haven’t been great either, but we always have music. Here are some songs that look forward to some better days. Hopefully, I will get to my goal of revamping the website and podcast to go with it.

Track List:

  1. The Spin Wires – Night Life
  2. Mercury & The Architects – See the World
  3. Songwriterz – Fell in Love With Summer
  4. Mr & Mrs Smith – Big Jet Wings
  5. Kinematic – Monday at 8am
  6. Bert Jerred – The Distant Sun
  7. D Jay Koi ft. Fil Straughan – House Party
  8. Back on Earth ft. Telltale – Brand New Day
  9. The Gasoline Brothers – Sleeping Pills & Asteroids
  10. Wallcrush – I’m Not a Stalker, Trust Me
  11. Anthony Rubery – Overdue
  12. Mahideveran Rock Band – Ex-Friends
  13. Hot Fiction – All My Love in Vain

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