Sleeping Brothers Records present: Do Over! Volume 1

Do Over! Covering the 70s

I've been sleeping on this for too long now (pun definitely intended) but I thought this was a cool album to share if you're looking for something new, but at the same time familiar. Sleeping Brothers Records presents: Do Over! Volume 1: Covering the 70s The Sleeping Brothers Records label put out a release of… Continue reading Sleeping Brothers Records present: Do Over! Volume 1

#51 – I Am Not Lefthanded, The Black Atlantic, Mouth’s Cradle

In episode 51 of Alternative Airwave, I've got some new tracks from I Am Not Lefthanded and The Black Atlantic, and I also discuss some changes implemented by the Copyright Board of Canada, plus a show announcement for Streets of Hastings.  That plus some other great music by folks such as Mouth's Cradle and The Monster Brothers.… Continue reading #51 – I Am Not Lefthanded, The Black Atlantic, Mouth’s Cradle

#49 – Cinco de Mayo

Happy Cinco de Mayo, everyone!  It's everybody's favourite Mexican holiday, because it's fun to pronounce.  Today's podcast is actually NOT themed around this holiday, but it was too convenient to pass up for a name.  Plenty of great stuff in this week's podcast, with songs coming from Jamendo, the Free Music Archive, and Wired.In Isolation >… Continue reading #49 – Cinco de Mayo

#48 – Larisa & The Raindoggs, Sean T. Wright, and Streets of Hastings

Time for another podcast!  It feels like it's been a long time since I've released anything, and in a way, it has.  While I was pretty pleased with the interview with Streets of Hastings, I haven't been very impressed with the quality of the podcasts I've released since then.  I've got a more positive outlook… Continue reading #48 – Larisa & The Raindoggs, Sean T. Wright, and Streets of Hastings

#45 – The United93, Barreracudas

A short podcast to follow-up the ridiculously long 'cast from two weeks ago.  I had some issues with Jamendo when it came time to put the podcast together, so a couple of artists had repeat songs.  If you want to check out the artists I would have played, links will follow the playlist.The United93 - Plastic Heart… Continue reading #45 – The United93, Barreracudas

#38 – Looking Forward, Looking Back

Welcome to the first of the last two podcasts for 2011!  Lots of great stuff this week, with new releases in the first segment and the last segment filled with some of my old favourites from 2011.  Plus, a special timely cover to end off the podcast.  On with the show!Segment 1 - New ReleasesWinter… Continue reading #38 – Looking Forward, Looking Back