Friday Roundup

Hope Americans are having a great Thanksgiving week, and everyone else is having an all-around great Friday.  Keeping things simple this week; I've got a list of tracks for you to check out.  In no particular order, here they are!Serena Foster - "Show Me The Way" - This was another submission by email; Serena Foster… Continue reading Friday Roundup

#56 – Beat Six, Sekshun 8, & Staggered Crossing

I'm back with a new podcast!  Featuring music from Beat Six, Sekshun 8, and Staggered Crossing.  I don't have anything witty to say, so just go on to the playlist!We Are FM - Press Record (Season One, 2012)Beat Six - Little Mess (Beatsix EP, 2008)Sean Fournier - King of the World (2012)Sekshun 8 - Blackwing Butterfly (Black Winged Butterfly,… Continue reading #56 – Beat Six, Sekshun 8, & Staggered Crossing

Metatronik – Tortured Mind

Happy St. Jean Baptiste Day, Quebec residents!  This is the last post before the special podcast that features artists from Quebec.I thought I'd try something a little different today, and just picked an artist at random.  I lucked out, in that I ended up picking an artist from Saint-Hubert, QuĂ©bec (hence the logo of one… Continue reading Metatronik – Tortured Mind