61st Grammy Awards Ceremony – Best New Artist

I don't normally think about the Grammy awards, but an email flipped my way earlier this week caught my eye.  It was about the Best New Artist category - something I feel is relevant to the blog / podcast, even though we're talking about major record labels. Here's the list of nominees for the category (courtesy… Continue reading 61st Grammy Awards Ceremony – Best New Artist

Maks – 3 Ft No Diving (Review)

A while back musician Maks, from The Netherlands, sent me a message via the Alternative Airwaves Facebook page.  He was letting me know of a new release, 3FT NO DIVING, a solo effort after years acting as drummer in another band. He writes,I have been playing as a drummer in rock bands for a big part… Continue reading Maks – 3 Ft No Diving (Review)

The Ultimate Queen Celebration – August 9, 2018

Last night I was treated to a performance by The Ultimate Queen Celebration, a Queen tribute band fronted by Marc Martel.  The show was at the Théâtre du Casino at Casino de Lac Leamy in Gatineau, Quebec. Going into the show, I had zero expectations - I don't recall ever going out specifically to see a… Continue reading The Ultimate Queen Celebration – August 9, 2018

RBC Bluesfest – JENNA Nation

Ottawa's annual Bluesfest has really become a popular international music festival in the last several years.  The common joke locally centres around its lack of actual "Blues" in the headliners - but really, so much of today's music has its roots in blues, it doesn't really matter to me.This year the biggest story was the… Continue reading RBC Bluesfest – JENNA Nation

Review: Dallas Wayne – Songs the Jukebox Taught Me: Volume II

I was recently given the opportunity for an advance listen & review of singer/songwriter/DJ Dallas Wayne's 2016 album, Songs the Jukebox Taught Me, ahead of the release of Songs the Jukebox Taught Me: Volume II.  Volume II is set to release next Friday, June 22nd.The songs on "Jukebox" are pure, classic country.  They're all very… Continue reading Review: Dallas Wayne – Songs the Jukebox Taught Me: Volume II

Kalie Shorr – Awake (Review)

Kalie Shorr - AwakeAnother one of those "off my radar" music submission reviews!  This time, it's Kalie Shorr's Awake EP, which was released January 26th of this year.  Here's a bit of the press release:Country rockstress Kalie Shorr released Awake last night to an at-capacity crowd of fans, music industry and friends in Nashville. The highly-anticipated new project features… Continue reading Kalie Shorr – Awake (Review)

Mainstream Monday – Beck “Colors”

Welcome to the first edition of "Mainstream Monday"!  While the blog focuses primarily on music released under a Creative Commons license, I also don't live under a rock.  Mainstream Monday is just a quick listing of what I'm listening to in the world of popular music.Right now it is most definitely NOT Portugal. The Man. … Continue reading Mainstream Monday – Beck “Colors”