#114 – Back At It

Welcome back to another full edition of Alternative Airwaves! This episode is more songs than talking, but I got struck by inspiration late last week and slapped something together. I was missing some pieces of my usual setup, so it's a bit bare-bones - but it's still got great music!Twitter | Facebook | Email: altairwaves AT gmail DOT… Continue reading #114 – Back At It

The Patinettes + Show Announcement

http://widgets.jamendo.com/en/album/?album_id=92449&playertype=2008&refuid=643172I was looking for a catchy bluegrass band to link to (reasons why will become apparent below) - but did you know that Jamendo does not have a bluegrass tag?  Of all the styles and genres on Jamendo.com, no one has tagged anything as bluegrass.  Interesting!  At any rate, I found a band that I… Continue reading The Patinettes + Show Announcement