Said The Whale ‘Dandelion’ and Pokémon 25: The Album

Half of today's post comes from one of the weirdest media releases to fall into the Alternative Airwaves inbox; now I will admit that I am very bad when it comes to reading emails to this address, forget even responding, but in my endeavor to get back to writing about music, I was drawn to… Continue reading Said The Whale ‘Dandelion’ and Pokémon 25: The Album

Review: Désigné by Nova Spire

Désigné is an album by an Ottawa-based producer / artist, Nova Spire. This particular album is Synthwave, though according to the artist's BandCamp page he produces other styles for various forms of media. I found this via Reddit, on the OttawaMusic subreddit. I'm trying to commit to reviewing one album or EP each week, and… Continue reading Review: Désigné by Nova Spire