Looking Back at Ryan Adams’ 1989

A caveat for this post: I am well aware that Ryan Adams hardly qualifies as an independent artist, and is definitely NOT creative commons. But I'd like to talk about music in general on the blog, so I'm going to continue writing about things that spark joy. Ryan Adam's 2015 album 1989 is a direct… Continue reading Looking Back at Ryan Adams’ 1989

Sleeping Brothers Records present: Do Over! Volume 1

Do Over! Covering the 70s

I've been sleeping on this for too long now (pun definitely intended) but I thought this was a cool album to share if you're looking for something new, but at the same time familiar. Sleeping Brothers Records presents: Do Over! Volume 1: Covering the 70s The Sleeping Brothers Records label put out a release of… Continue reading Sleeping Brothers Records present: Do Over! Volume 1