Re-Discovery: Ten Second Epic: Count Yourself In (2006)

Cover for Ten Second Epic's 2006 album Count Yourself In

Ten Second Epic is a Canadian band, specifically from Edmonton. Wikipedia describes them as an "alternative rock" band but also attributes the emo and pop punk tags in the side bar. Based on my recent listening experience, I think "emo punk" is probably a safe tag for the music. I don't remember how I got… Continue reading Re-Discovery: Ten Second Epic: Count Yourself In (2006)

#116 – Heart’s Racing

Anemos Promotions was kind enough to provide me with a full copy of THE SEARCH's latest album HEART'S RACING and I have a couple of tracks from the album to play, plus a contest! Listen for details. The Search - Don't Let Yourself DownAll Rights ReservedBirocratic - bob ross goes to hollywoodSome rights reserved - CC… Continue reading #116 – Heart’s Racing

Alternative Airwaves # 115 – Keep Going

Two months later, I'm back with a podcast full of heavy guitar riffs with some lighter stuff mixed in for good measure. I had a fun time putting this episode together and I hope you enjoy it. Here's the track listing (with links to the tracks or artists). Dr. Groove Gang - RememberCarter Vail -… Continue reading Alternative Airwaves # 115 – Keep Going

Sleeping Brothers Records present: Do Over! Volume 1

Do Over! Covering the 70s

I've been sleeping on this for too long now (pun definitely intended) but I thought this was a cool album to share if you're looking for something new, but at the same time familiar. Sleeping Brothers Records presents: Do Over! Volume 1: Covering the 70s The Sleeping Brothers Records label put out a release of… Continue reading Sleeping Brothers Records present: Do Over! Volume 1